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Татьяна Ваврух
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PICS BY LILY CVETOK / CATERS NEWS — (PICTURED: Lily turned her condition that means her bones grow unsymmetrically and led many to call he ugly — in spite of this, she has become a youtube-sensation attracting more than 13 million views — and is inspiring others to not be deterred by haters. She has been awarded for inspiring others) — A woman cruelly branded ugly for the condition that stops her bones grow symmetrically has become a YouTube beauty blogging sensation with over 13 MILLION VIEWS. Lily Cvetok, 21, was seven-years-old when she was diagnosed with McCune-Albright Syndrome — a condition that affects the bones, skin and hormones. The condition means her bones are turning into fibrous tissues which has led to a distortion in the growth and made her body unsymmetrical. As a child, she was mocked for her appearance, told she was ugly and not beautiful by cruel classmates. In addition to the taunting, she battled with people staring and pointing at her on a daily basis. But at 17-years-old, Lily found refuge in make-up and dreamt of becoming a successful YouTube beauty blogger. — SEE CATERS COPY

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